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My Unique Approach to Pediatric Dermatology

Dr. Julapalli was amazing with our little girl. She has a calming effect on children and treats them with such delicacy and ease. I was impressed with how much individual attention we received during our visit. She was very thorough about what was happening to our little girl and reviewed our treatment options with us patiently. We left with a thorough understanding of what was going on. We are very happy we found her and give her our highest recommendations!


- Azadeh

I would like to thank Dr. Julapalli and express my sincere appreciation for the promptness and professional care given to my daughter. She went out of her way to make sure all our questions are answered. She is friendly, thoughtful, and puts our concerns first. The best Pediatric Dermatologist I could find.

Our experience at this facility was the best we have ever encountered.

- Ramu Bandaru

Dr. Julapalli is warm, genuine and always listens. She has treated both my daughters. Dr. Meena has been so helpful over the years with any question or concern I have. She goes above and beyond every time. You won’t find a better pediatric dermatologist!

- Denise

Dr. Meena’s practice was the first place recommended to me by our pediatrician. With my son having a severe reaction I was unsure what to expect and as soon as we began our virtual visit I was at ease. Dr. Meena is an exceptional child dermatologist and that reflects through her staff and my one-on-one visit. She is kind, caring and gets you the treatment that you need. Thank you Dr. Meena!

- Michelle Betts

Dr. Julapalli is terrific , knowledgeable, sensitive and informative pediatric dermatologist .My 4 month old daughter had a reaction around eyes and developed rashes on her entire body. we being first time parents were terrified to say the least but she gave us plenty of time to explain my daughter’s issues without feeling rushed. We immediately felt at ease – and felt confident in receiving expert medical care for my daughter. She worked with us to address health concerns and explained so well rather than just telling you what to do.

She even went out of her way in following up with us through out the process. We were so touched !!

We couldn’t have asked for a better pediatric dermatologist than her who is compassionate and thoughtful. I HIGHLY recommend her !!!

- sindhura G

Dr. Julapalli is an absolute pleasure to work with and she is amazingly great with children – you cannot help but smile when she walks in the door. When I had noticed one of my identical twin 2-month old sons suddenly had a growth over his left eye, I naturally became very worried. I reached out to Dr. Julapalli who helped ease my concerns and, because she no longer lives in Austin, she was able to get me an appointment with one of her colleagues at Dell Children’s so that we could address any potential developmental roadblocks with my son’s vision as quickly as possible. And after I went to said appointment, she personally called me to check in and make sure that I was taken care of. She keeps a very calm demeanor, is extremely knowledgeable, and puts children completely at ease. I highly recommend her.

- Michelle Harvey
Dr. Julapalli is amazing and provided us with all the information we needed to be informed advocates for our son’s medical care. Not only did she provide her professional opinion but went the extra mile every time to get multiple opinions from colleagues. Her expertise and caring heart was the perfect combination to ease our minds during this entire process.
- Sofia Garcia

Dr. Meena is very caring and definitely goes the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of! She has been very helpful in treating my rare condition (payoderma gangrenosum). I trust her with my health 100%.

- Stephanie Yeatts

Excellent dermatologist. Dr Julapalli is efficient and personable. She is very kind and helpful. I was very impressed.She has a great and courteous staff. Great experience and I feel satisfied and blessed. She is AMAZING and I highly recommend!!

- Fatima

Dr. Julapalli was amazing. She was able to make an appointment rather quickly and setup a video call. Super knowledgeable and was able to diagnose rather quickly. Very friendly and took the time to really understand what was going on.

- Mike Samaras

Dr. Julapalli is great with kids. My kids love interacting with her and we always know she has the best interest for their needs. She’s always available to answer any questions we have. She has went out of her way to help me out individually with my skin needs and set me up with referrals even when she couldn’t physically be there to help. Someone our family can truly call a great friend!

- Peter Lee

One of the most kind, gentle, and smartest doctors I have ever had the pleasure to see. She takes time getting to know you and your child and will do anything to help them feel comfortable. Highly recommend!

- Ashley

Great bedside manner- made our super shy child feel comfortable. She is also very knowledgeable- she made a plan A, plan B and C all I’m in one visit! We left knowing exactly what to expect and when to get advance to the next step of treatment if skin didn’t respond to first step. I highly recommend her to all m my friends! Also she is just a nice person!!

- Houston Mom

Dr Julapalli is very warm and caring. She takes her time to explain her treatment plan and doesn’t make it feel rushed. She was great with my daughter, we will keep seeing her for sure!

- Courtney

Dr. Julapalli is warm, knowledgeable, and great with kids. She is so caring, and my son immediately felt comfortable talking with her. She had a clear plan for treating my son, and the telemedicine visit worked out very smoothly.

- Jennifer, mom of Joshua

She has been our family dermatologist for several years and we couldn’t ask for a more caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable doctor. I am so glad she came back to Houston! We need more doctors like her!

- safia khan

Dr. Julapalli demonstrates care, precision, and an expert touch when I have had the privilege of being one of her patients. Her knowledge, and her kind demeanor shine brightly through the care that she provides, and there should be absolutely no doubt that you are in terrific hands.

- Ryan Belinak
Dr. Meena Julapalli is a very caring doctor. She addressed all concerns while educating me on how to improve my condition. She is very knowledgeable and personable. I would highly recommend her and super happy that I was referred to her. She and the office staff are beyond friendly and very professional. I am overly pleased with her service. Thanks Dr. Julapalli!!
- Damita Allen
Dr. Julapalli was amazing with our little girl! We are so happy we found her as our Dermatologist. She gave us individual attention and spent time explaining what was going on. She was gentle with our LO and the entire visit was a very pleasant experience for all of us. I highly recommend her as a pediatric dermatologist!
- Az Menaz
Dr. Julapalli is an incredible medical professional. She listens to your concerns with a warm, professional aura that truly makes you feel you’re getting the best treatment. Dr. Julapalli took the time to explain everything in great detail. I came to her for some concerns about bumps on my skin and sun care protocol. Ever since then, my skin has been relishing in her fantastic treatment and directions. You are in good, kind, jovial hands with Dr. Julapalli.
- Krishna Kumar

The best dermatologist I’ve seen

- Anonymous

I visited Dr. Julapalli with my grandson via video visit. Visit started on time. Dr Julapalli made my 5 year old grandson very comfortable with her mannerism and smiling face. Our medical concerns were resolved to our satisfaction. I would recommend Dr. Julapalli to anyone having skin problems.

- sunita moonat

She is an amazing doctor! She has been our doctor for several years. She is caring, knowledgeable, and very qualified! I would definitely recommend her!

- Sonya

Dr. Meena is one of a kind. She is enlightening, energetic, and passionate.

- Ashley W.

I had a virtual/video consult with Dr. Julapalli today, and it was a great experience. My intake paperwork was all done electronically through a secure portal, which I really appreciate. Dr. Julapalli was very personable and has great bedside manner. She took the time to understand the issue I was having, and notes ancillary potential issues I may want to look into. She made accessible recommendations for products, and based on my skintone (like recommending a physical sunscreen that wasn’t pasty on my skin tone). I’ll definetely return for any future issues I may have.

- Farheen I.

Dr. Meena and staff were a delight. My son had a severe reaction and she knew exactly how to treat it and was very pleasant through the entire process. Even with covid and having a virtual visit, it didn’t stop Dr. Meena from taking the time to visit with us and really get an understanding for his symptoms and all of my concerns. I highly recommend her practice.

- Michelle Betts

Big thumb up to Dr. Julapalli and her team for the treatment experience. They are super responsive and will always answer your questions very thoroughly. Instead of jumping to conclusion quickly, she would reason with you her approach in diagnosing and treating the problem step by step in a very logical manner. That sits very well with me as that’s also how I solve problems as an engineer. Enough said, we could have gone to an insurance in-network specialist, but we chose to come here for the better care and we are very pleased.

- Paul Chang

My visit to Dr. Julapalli office was satisfying. The office was very clean also follows procedures of coronavirus rules and regulations. Dr. Julapalli took time in explaining step by step all of my concerns. She also followed up with an email. I will recommend her to all my friends and family.

- Bre Cantu

We had an excellent appointment with Dr. Julapalli. She listened and engaged intentionally with both my child and myself to gather information. She was thorough in determining a diagnosis, explaining the best type of treatment in detail, and she even followed up with an email after the visit. We are very thankful for her and the wonderful staff at Bluebird Dermatology.

- D. Enriquez

We got there earlier than our time and they were extremely attentive from the minute we walked in the door. We were seen earlier than our scheduled time and the assistant was thorough. The doctor was so nice and really empathetic to the situation we had, to my son and to me. She was friendly and it was like she’d known me for a while. My son really liked her and was comfortable with her.

- Mom&Son

Dr. Julapalli answered all of my questions with kindness and in detail. Our appointment was unrushed and thorough. She reached out to me after the appointment with additional information that would help my son. She is a great doctor and really seems to care for her patients.

- Allison Prochaska

Dr. Meena Julapalli is THE BEST pediatric dermatologist! She is a Houston dermatologist who sees children and adults in person and virtually and is not only evidence based and skilled in her work but also has the best bedside manner I have ever experienced. Whether it is eczema, a food allergy, or a new skin rash, she has always expertly and compassionately cared for all members of my family. I am so thankful to have Dr. Julapalli in our lives.

- Joyee and Sameer Vachani

Both of my boys were patients of Dr Julapalli’s for many years. They were seen for eczema, acne/Accutane as well as Botox injections for hyperhidrosis. The care we received was always excellent. Her bedside manner is respectful, kind and compassionate while being informative, knowledgeable and caring. Most importantly she honors the concern that parents have when embarking on new treatments and medications. I knew my boys were receiving the very best care at all times. As a pediatric nurse myself, I can wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Julapalli as your go to dermatologist for your children.

- Kathie Gentile

I have been looking for a dermatologist since moving to the Spring area. I was very happy to meet with Dr. Julapalli. She took her time examining my daughter’s moles and addressing other skin issues. She answered all of our questions. Highly recommend! Very reasonably priced.

- Kryshon Bratton
Today was my first visit with Dr. Julapalli at her office. I made the appointment because I had some irritation with my skin…..I was able to get an appointment right away. The office staff was very nice and efficient. Dr. Julapalli spent about an hour with me and was extremely thorough. We went over my skin care routine and what products to use and what not to use. I realized that doing less was going to allow me to achieve better results. I went in feeling upset about my skin and sort of defeated. I left feeling hopeful and positive that my new skin care regimen was going to give me the results I wanted. Thank you Dr. Julapalli for the knowledge and confidence. I recommend Dr. Julapalli for your skin care concerns.
- Sandiya Venturato

Dr. Julapalli of Bluebird Dermatology is the absolute best! Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and professional, but she GENUINELY CARES about her patients and treats them/us as people, not chart numbers or salary contributions. Dr. Julapalli is incredibly thorough and takes the time to get to know her patients…she listens to every word spoken and takes as much time as needed to properly address any and all issues. She never makes one feel rushed. Dr. Julapalli considers the entire body and how every system is intricately connected to the other when addressing the dermatological issue at hand. Her holistic considerations and approach, combined with medical science, her genuine concern for patients and their well-being, and infectiously kind, loving, and caring personality are a rare find among physicians (and health care professionals, in general) these days. I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Julapalli, and I highly recommend Bluebird Dermatology!

- K Burford

Dr. Julapalli is an amazing doctor! She Has a great bedside manner. Listens very well, never makes you rush while you’re talking about your sickness. SHe has Very clear explanation. And treats perfectly, Dr. Julapalli is such an awesome doctor.
I Highly recommend!

- Ilke Yuksel

Bluebird Dermatology practice will meet all derma needs ! Customer service is excellent and bed side manner is superb !

- Bb Barnes

Went in for my 5 ur old daughter Dr. Julapalli was great with her and made her feel at ease. She was informative as I asked a ton of questions and Dr.J went to go over all concerns I had.

- Spring Tx parent

Dr. Julapalli and the staff was great. Everyone took time to listen to my concerns and directly talked to my son and not just me.

- Julie

I had a great visit with Dr. Julapalli today. She was knowledgeable and thorough in her treatment. I feel good about my skin after our visit. She gave me some really good advice to follow in my skincare regimen which includes sunscreen. Great advice from a smart doctor.

- Sandiya Venturato

Dr. Meena explains every action taking to the smallest detail. I was very satisfied and felt confident with our visit

- Brenda Cantu

Friendly and informative! Great with my 5 ur old.
Would definitely go back and recommend her.

- David Serrano

Dr Julapalli was great! very knowledgeable about our son skin issue. She always kept communication with us answering any questions we had and giving us recommendations when we needed it. If you have any concern about your children skin condition I think Dr Julapalli could help you :). We highly recommend her!

- Andreina Rodriguez

I trust Dr. Julapalli’s medical expertise and find her to be a compassionate, honest doctor. It is rare to find a pediatric dermatologist who does not have a long wait time, and who is flexible with online appointments. Highly recommend her!

- L.L.

Dr. Julapalli saw both of our children when she worked at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Her patient interaction is unmatched. Not only is she a brilliant clinician, she is funny, quirky, and silly, bringing so much joy into any visit. My children have memories of her flying into their room as Batgirl, or waltzing in like Elsa. Dr. Julapalli is patient and willing to answer any question posed to her. She has always provided solid reasoning for treatment and what was thought to work best for both of my children. She was never too far to contact if treatment wasn’t working, or if we had any questions. I am so pleased to see that she has her own practice now, currently virtual. You will not regret this gem of a physician. We love our Dr. J immensely.

- Sara Johnson

Wow….I wish more doctors were like her. Dr Julapalli spend so much time with my daughter and I to really understand what was going on with her. After understanding the problem, she spent a lot of time explaining her suggestions and the treatment plan. The visit did not end after us leaving the office, she researched more regarding the condition we went to see her for and emailed us with more suggestions and a recap of the visit. Not only is she knowledgeable but also a very caring doctor. I drove all the way from Sugar Land to see her and it was really worth it. I am so grateful we found her!

- salma ayub

Dr. Meena Julapalli is hands-down the best dermatologist I have come across. I travelled from Sugar land to see her concerning my daughter’s sever Eczema and it was well-worth the drive. Dr. Julapalli was very thorough and patient at the same time. She made some great recommendations for preventing/treating my kid’s condition. My daughter and I were very satisfied with her demeanor and bedside manners. She even followed up with an email to reiterate everything and also pointed out other resources we could use for information. I am glad I came across her.

- Irma Asif

Dr. Meena is a great doctor. She helped my daughter to clear up her skin rash without the need of taking the antibiotics. She is very knowledgeable and I am extremely happy that I found such an amazing dermatologist.

- Liubov Andrade

Dr. Julapalli is a fantastic dermatologist. I was extremely nervous about my first visit due to a family history of skin cancer. Dr. Julapalli and her entire staff couldn’t be more kind, personable, and professional. I rarely ever leave a review, but after my second visit I had to. Dr. Julapalli was extremely informative, and detailed on all of my skin issues. I can see she genuinely cares about people. I will continue to recommend Bluebird Dermatology to all of my friends and family!!!

- Kyle Elich

Blue Bird dermatologist with Dr. Meena Julapalli is other level, my son is going through TSW and eczema and she was the 4th doctor that we visit just in 2 months, and she was the first one to really care and talk with my son, you cannot find this type of ethic in a doctors now days. She is professional and take care of you, I highly recommended her.

- Amanda Fernandez

Dr. Julapalli is amazing! She takes her time to get to know your individual skin concerns and needs and provides exceptional recommendations on not only the current problem, but lifestyle adjustments that may also prevent the issue from getting worse or recurring. I have learned so much about skin health and my own skin needs from her care. Thank you so much Dr. Julapalli. I’m so thankful to have found you. You are a doctor who truly cares!

- Crystal A

We were referred to Dr Meena by our pediatrician. He was right, she was incredible! Other doctors can make you feel rushed, but not her. She was patient, listened, and addressed all of our concerns. I would go and see her again in a heartbeat.

- Ashley Wacasey

Dr. Meena was amazing! Her bedside manner was phenomenal and we didn’t feel rushed for one second. She answered all of our questions and addressed all of our concerns in one visit. Her office staff was great too. We had to drive about 45 minutes to get to her office and passed countless other practices along the way, but I would go out of my way any day to go back and see her. 10 out of 10 stars.

- Ashley

Dr. Meena saw our little daughter a few days ago and it went really well. She explained everything, from A to Z, to the level that we would understand. We were worried but after seeing her, my husband and I had the best understanding of what’s going on and we are managing our baby’s condition based on what Dr. Meena had explained and taught us. She is really thorough, friendly and considerate. And she is the only practitioner I’ve known, by far, who would send a summary of the visit and the things we had to do at home. It was a great experience overall, from the assistants, the office and Dr. Meena. Kudos to the team!

- Ma. Vanessa P Pineda

Today was my daughters first visit seeing Dr. Julapalli and we couldn’t be any happier with the visit. From our first interaction with Trish her nurse to then our visit with Dr. Julapolli was exceptional. It’s hard to find such compassionate knowledgable doctor who listens AND explains things that can be easliy understood. So glad we found her. Highley recommend!

- Lisa P.

We love absolutely EVERYTHING about this Dr. From her sweet staff, to the dr. They are so organized, and detailed. They genuinely care about my daughters acne issues. They are thorough in answering any questions and explaining all treatment plans. We love our monthly visits. Such a breath of fresh air!

- Melissa Bridgman