My Philosophy: Compassion and the HeART of Medicine

For those of you NOT on Medicare, any out-of-network benefits you have may allow your insurance carrier to reimburse you for my services.  You may also be able to submit your receipt to be applied towards your deductible in high deductible plans. You will be responsible for filing a claim for your insurance, but we can help you with the information you may need to file the claim.

If you’re on Medicare, I can still see you and certainly hope to care for you.  However, due to government regulations, patients with Medicaid, Medicare, Medicare Supplements, Tricare or other government insurance programs will not be able to file a claim to be reimbursed for my services. Per Medicare guidelines, I will also need to keep on file a private contract between us that allows me to see you.  Please see the Patient Forms section of the website.

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